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Abstract painting means freedom, both for the artist and for you as the viewer. 

The picture lives by uniting the activity of the artist and your personal point of view.

An abstract painting speaks to its viewer in a very special way. The picture touches every observer individually, it can influence his emotions, probably even arouse new feelings.



Nature offers an infinite variety of wonderful templates

The printout of a picture should show more of the artist's interior and no less be a depiction of nature.


Colors play an important role in this and they serve as a medium to express feelings in a picture.


Images of everyday scenes depicting life at a given time.

Pictures in which people and figures can be seen have a special magic in them.

Pictures of people and figures change the mood in a room. They stimulate reflection and careful observation.


Art in the living room

Create your own feel-good atmosphere

Images influence the atmosphere in living rooms, practice rooms or foyers.

about me

Passionate painter

The secret of art lies in the fact that you don't look for it, you find it. (Pablo Picasso)

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