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Katharina Rochat


Immerse yourself with me in a world of figurative and colored creations.

Water worlds, natural beauties and people shape my artistic work. It is important to me to let images emerge that touch the heart. My captivating works of art are created using mixed media, often with a structure that usually extends the limits of visual perception. The viewer should hear the roar of the waterfall or smell the bewitching scent of the painted flowers.

Light and shadow are the opposites that I skillfully use to create emotional touch and release positive energies. If I succeed in moving the viewer into a room with harmony and a joyful atmosphere, then I have achieved my artistic goal.

It is precisely my paintings depicting the natural beauties of Tuscany that have attracted the attention of the internationally renowned Morcote Gallery of Raphel Fornara-Erni and Simone Erni. This resulted in my acceptance as a member of Swissartgroup, ArtUniverseGroup, Artforsmallmoney and the Galleria Morcote.

My work is also attracting more and more attention abroad. For example, a painting by the well-known German film director and screenwriter David Wnendt was selected from DETAiLFILM Berlin. The film "THE SUNLIT NIGHT" will be shown in cinemas in Germany for the first time from 23.09.2021.

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